Classification of Leucilla

Phylum :- Porifera (Pore bearing, cellular grade, asymmetrical or radially symmetrical)
Class :- Calcarea (Calcareous spicules present)
Order :- Heterocoel (Syconoid sponges with internal folds)
Genus :- Leucilla


  • It is a small solitary and marine sponge

Habit and Habitat

  • Common in Europe. Distributed from Rhode Island to Greenland.

Characterstics of Leucilla

Classification of Leucilla
  • Anterior apical portion is narrow.
  • Posterior basal portion is broad and attached to substratum.
  • Osculum is situated at the anterior extremity and is surrounded by oscular fringe of monaxon spicules.
  • Canal system is of primitive leuconoid type.
  • Each radial canal is subdivided into elongated flagellated chambers, grouped around a common excurrent channel.
  • Skeleton is of inarticulate type.
Classification of Leucilla


  • Since the specimen has narrow anterior end with pores, oscular fringe and all above features hence it is Leucilla.

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